The Journey

Supernatural atmospheres, spine-tingling melodies and intricate storylines translated into sound are just a few things that iconic producer Code Black brings to the world of Hardstyle.

Known as one of the most devoted and ambitious figures when it comes to production, this iconic Australian also showcases himself as a highly successful DJ with the all-around look and feel of a true entertainer.

Working diligently to become one of the leading names in Hardstyle, Code Black isn’t just a DJ and producer; he is a creative and innovative musician who continues building a prosperous and serious career in music.

Code Black with Brennan Heart

The begining

Originally teaming up with counterpart member Sam Gonzalez (known today as Audiofreq ) and the legendary duo Bioweapon began a rewarding musical journey in 2008.

It wasn’t long before Bioweapon became a force to be reckoned with, not only in Australia, where they performed regularly, but also in The Netherlands, where they signed with the leading Hardstyle label Scantraxx Recordz. Hits such as “Move your Body,” “Bass Power,” “Turn It Up” and their remix of “Toca’s Miracle” by Fragma & Coco Star are prime examples of Bioweapon’s timeless approach to music; these evergreen tracks grabbed the hearts of fans worldwide and cemented this dynamic duo in the Hardstyle scene.

Going solo

With the success of Bioweapon, Corey then kick-started his solo career releasing “Red Planet,” in 2011. A packed performance schedule followed, with stages at Reverze, Bassleader, Defqon.1 (The Netherlands and Australia), Q-BASE, Tomorrowland and WiSH Outdoor, where he had the honour of producing the anthem “Time Of Your Life” alongside artist Slim Shore.

2012 brought the release of a collection of tunes including collaborations “Activated” and “Your Moment” with Swedish duo Wasted Penguinz and “Can’t Hold Me Back” with Nitrouz, which reached the #1 spot on

As a producer, Code Black continued to maintain high standards with his bootleg for Tiësto’s “Lethal Industry” and “About The Music” with Toneshifterz. Just one year after establishing his solo act, Code Black had become one of the most anticipated names in Hardstyle.

2013 brought the release of “Brighter Day,” which climbed the charts to reach the #3 spot on Not only did it touch the hearts of the Hardstyle community, it was also picked up commercially by Dutch radio station SLAM-FM, which featured the release in its TOP40 playlist. The track peaked at #8 in the national TOP40 chart after being featured on the station for eight weeks.

That same year, Code Black found his popularity back home in Australia also acknowledged when he was voted #15 for the ‘In The Mix Top 50 People’s Choice Awards 2013,’ a national poll to determine the best Australian artists.

Code Black has enjoyed performances at Defqon.1, Electric Love Festival, Dance Valley, Euphoria, Ground Zero, Mayday and Hard Bass, where he performed in the GelreDome alongside Toneshifterz, Audiotricz and Bass Modulators.

And the beat goes on

Collaborating with budding producer Atmozfears: “Starting Over” and “Accelerate,” the XXlerator Outdoor anthem (13th May, 2014), an innovative track that held the #1 spot on for several weeks. Another unforgettable release was “Pandora” (#1 on, which served as a follow-up to “Red Planet”. Code Black was also asked to produce “Unleash The Beast,” the anthem for Defqon.1 Australia. This anthem – as well as his performance, which closed the gigantic mainstage – highlighted just how far the young Australian had come and demonstrated his role within the Hardstyle scene.

More recently, Code Black has enjoyed performances at Defqon.1, Electric Love Festival, Dance Valley, Euphoria, Ground Zero, Mayday and Hard Bass, where he performed in the GelreDome alongside Toneshifterz, Audiotricz and Bass Modulators. His most recent releases – include “New World” featuring Chris Madin, “Draw Me Closer,” “End Like This” with Wasted Penguinz featuring Insali, and “Triangle”.

So, what’s next for this Aussie? Code Black has been giving back to the hardstyle community by running video tutorials for young producers from all over the world. These have proven to be a huge success throughout the broad Hard Dance scene. The tutorials are just the tip of the iceberg and will be followed by a series of seminars commencing in 2016 which aim to grow the Hardstyle scene and boost upcoming talent. The seminars will consist of studio tips and tricks as Corey assists these producers with their technique.

All the pieces of the puzzle have fit together for this audacious Aussie who will continue his quest to innovate and inspire through the use of sound. Spreading his sound not only throughout The Netherlands, but in countries such as Germany, Sweden, France, Belgium and more, Code Black was becoming an international success both on-stage and in the studio.